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Google Translation Order for Afan Oromo

Written by amine107

Our language will join the 109 Major Languages of the World and start providing services if 1 Million or more English Words are translated into English. To make this happen, anyone who can translate English Words and Sentences into English can participate. Google has facilitated this.

Listing English as a major Language is not the job of a few people, or of one organization. The issue concerns everyone who speaks this language. therefore, if we can, we should participate in the translation, if we cannot, we should participate in the editing of the translations, and if we cannot, we should at least share such an appeal on the social media we use.

To participate in Google Translation follow the steps below:

Ferst go to Google Chrome and Login with your email (Gmail).
Enter to this link, you can use several options to enter this link. For example, click on this link or view it from here and type it in the search box.
Click Contribute (see image below)

  1. Select Settings > Languages > Chose “Oromo”
  2. See the Picture below
  1. Check the arrow position and switch to English – Oromo
  2. If you tap the NOIR area in the picture, you will be asked to edit the translations of others. you LIKE the right one and DISLIKE the wrong one. if you don’t know, press SKIP to move on.

8. If you tap the RED area, it will bring up English sentences and prompt you to translate them into Oromo. you can do your part by participating.

This picture shows the new Sentences when you translate them into English:

What are the benefits of Google Translate?

There are many benefits, let’s look at a few of them:
• It sits on the list of the World’s Major Languages.
• It gets the opportunity to become the working language of Major International Companies.
• Easy to use and be served in all countries where there is an English speaking community. It can also create ample job opportunities for them.
• Paves the way for the easy production and distribution of various services and products in Oromo.
• It plays a major role in making English the language of major media.
• Information/Articles in any Major Languages ​​can be easily translated into English by the searcher/English speaking community, and it helps anyone to translate and use the publications/Information in English into any language at any time/country.
• The major social networks that are currently working to make the world a village such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.. are the working languages It will introduce the Oromo widely.
• By providing the opportunity for the Oromo language to participate in International Research and Studies, and the Development of Science and Technology that is currently shaking the world, the Language Speaking Community can also participate and benefit from the rapid changes that Science and Technology is creating in the World it paves the way for it to move forward together.
In general, taking the development of the Oromo language many steps forward at once and so on are just a few of them.

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